Disgruntled Brewing, Perham Minnesota

The more disgruntled the brewer, the better the brew.

For as long as he can remember, Disgruntled’s head brewer, Brett Doebbeling, has been just that—disgruntled. He’s always felt he could do the job better, and when it comes to brewing fine beers and ales, he doesn’t just feel it. He knows it. Every batch, every style, every day, every Disgruntled brand beer and ale is the result of Brett’s gruff, driven desire to do the job better—to just plain brew the best craft beers ever. Good isn’t good enough at Disgruntled. From your first foamy sip to the bottom of the glass, you’ll experience—and savor—the best brewing has to offer. Grumpy is good. Boy oh boy, grumpy is good.