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Dissatisfied brewery. Satisfying brews.

The Disgruntled Brewing formula is simple: Combine our slightly-gruff, admittedly never-quite-satisfied brewers with the world’s best ingredients, and then stand back and marvel as we produce one great beer after another. Ales. Lagers. Stouts. Wheat beers. Specialties. Seasonals. German. Belgian. Russian. One taste and you’ll know this is Midwest brewing at its finest.

Here in greater Minnesota we appreciate a bit of challenge, long winters, arguing that it's pop (definitely not soda), and repeatedly assuring the 49 other states that the best childhood game is Duck, Duck, Grey Duck. Here we don't settle for easy, and if we can grumble through a May blizzard, we certainly can persist until we create the perfect beers.


180 miles north of the Twin Cities and 65 miles east of Fargo - Perham, MN is a destination worth the trip. See if you are up to the challenge and come find us, tucked away in the Northwoods of Perham. At Disgruntled Brewing, grumpiness is good , but it won't last long once you try a sip of our brews.

Grumpy is good.

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